the results are in…..

7 Jul

Pretty exceptional across the board… but the girls shaded it, with a dessert of strawberries and chocolate cake clinching a narrow victory in Come Dine with Me’s controversial US debut. And thanks to an altogether more transparent marking process, we all have a degree to our name. Big relief. Massive celebration.

Got the chance to sample America’s national sport at a Charleston Riverdogs game, which (for a sport as inherently boring as baseball) makes for some evening’s craic. The seats were great, the beer kept coming and, with 25 degree sunshine holding until things were wrapped up about 10, the atmosphere was as chilled out as it gets. Sincere thanks to Mike, Tracy, Kim, Emily and co for arranging the tickets. Turned into one of the highlights of the summer to date.

Edging towards some sort of routine workwise, and we’ve all had a taste of the front desk at this stage. Getting to know the city better and better as the days pass, which stands to us in a big way in the hotels. Biggest plus point continues to be the colleagues we’re lucky enough to be working with in both hotels. Endlessly patient and helpful, and contribute in no small part to our social efforts too.

Three weeks gone by now. Frightening thought…….


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