Half a Charleston Internship left – A cup half full

22 Jul

Somehow we’re halfway through our internship, and plans post-Charleston are starting to take shape. Pre-departure planning has turned into a bit of a compulsion too – like a collective mid-life crisis, we’ve all become a bit afraid that our time will be up here before we’ve got around to do all the things we said we would back when we had an eternity of Charleston stretching in front of us. Kayaking, golfing for the lads/shopping for the ladies, a theme park visit, some proper southern home cooking, and even our leaving party have all been allotted their own dates now.

In the here and now, meanwhile, things are going as good as ever. Charleston’s still a charm. Our use as front desk staff is on the up as our sense of direction gets slowly better. Fortunate for us you couldn’t be in a better job if you’re looking to get to know a city well. Still working with the same legends as we always have since day zero. Also scheduled to get a taste of the admin side of things at the Bennett Hofford offices over the next few weeks (they own the hotels we work in, among a tonne of other stuff). 

Elsewhere, we’re just back from an relaxing, refined and culturally enlightening night in Myrtle Beach, a tourist party resort two hours north of Charleston, and we’re very much looking forward to Saturday’s trip to (according to our hotel’s concierge Frank) ‘The best beach on the east coast bar none’ at Kiawah Island. Cameras will be packed…

More to follow………


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