Beaches, Rollercoasters and an Ocean Cruise

11 Aug

Time is getting short now, and our to-do list is going that way too…


‘The Best Beach On The East Coast’ turned out to be just that.  Thanks to DCU’s own Patrick McDermott and his network of great people to know we managed to spend an unforgettable day moving between a private beach, a members only beach club, A&E, and even the fourteenth tee box at the Ocean Course where Rory Mac is currently tearing things up at the PGA Championship. The TV pictures don’t come close to doing it justice, and the weather was much better for us. August is trying its best to help us prepare for home again – it rains heavily and without much warning, but without seeming to get any cooler. It’s nice most of the time, but it could give Ireland’s climate some lessons in unpredictability.

Also ticked off our to-do list is a them park visit, a golf day (lads), a shopping day (girls), and a boat trip, all of which were highlights by themselves.

We’ve all got a taste or two of the Bennett Hospitality offices by now as well. Watching big business deals done in terms as straight forward as these is cool, and it added a lot to the whole experience.

Round up of the summer will be the next and most likely last post. Photos to follow shortly………..


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